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FIND Art Across America

FIND Art Across America, a touring concept that brings the art to the people. Rather than waiting for the artists to come to us, we’re going to FIND them, and share their work with the entire world, creating both an unprecedented arts phenomenon while bringing together for the first time a national arts community! We have converted a moving box truck into a fold-out gallery on wheels aligning ourselves with social events, festivals, art openings and populated areas throughout America. We have curated the gallery with some of the best independent artists in the country and are now driving 14,000 miles to not only showcase the artists that we’ve found, but also to find new artists along the way. In conjunction with finding art on the road, we are presenting our first national issue of FIND Art Magazine that acts as an art show in your hand. It plants a seed in each city for more and more artists and followers to get involved and organically become unstoppable. It’s main purpose is to make art more accessible to more people often opening up opportunities for artists to be seen by a critical mass; dealers, curators, collectors, companies, marketing initiatives and many other opportunities. It is printed 5×7 full bleed making each page a frame-ready print to where even the people who can’t afford the art can still appreciate the work, hang it on their walls and collect their favorite artists—then when those people are ready to buy art, they will be more educated, know what artists they enjoy and might feel more comfortable making that purchase. We never repeat the same artist in more than one issue ensuring the accessibility for more artists to get involved. We focus on making each issue timeless, meaning that it doesn’t date itself, you can view the magazine 20 years later and still have the same feeling as the first time ever viewing it, making the magazine a piece of art in itself.

FIND Art Across America’s two month tour began in Orange County on May 12 and will culminate at the L.A. Art Machine International Urban Art Festival August 19 – 21, 2011. An event unlike any of its kind bringing artists from all across the globe to Los Angeles’ historic Olvera Street. The entire tour and the artists we FIND are being thoroughly documented through video podcasts, blogging, and maximized use of our vast social networking communities. These channels will ensure that the adventures along the way will be broadcast to not only a nationwide audience, but a global one as well, with all content leading up to the biggest international arts festival the Southland has ever seen!

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