FIND Art Magazine

WELCOME to this FIND thing you’ve just found. It’s a treasure, really. An Art Show Mag focused on showcasing undiscovered talent for everyone to see, complete with 5X7 frame-ready artwork. We at FIND are working towards a tighter art community. Working for change. In a down economy, it’s the artist who never stops drawing. It’s the artist that never stops dreaming… There are millions of artists out there who haven’t had any exposure at all. Maybe they’re shy. Maybe they don’t have a car. Maybe they just don’t have any connections. Maybe their art hasn’t been seen outside their own home!! These are the artists we want to FIND. These are the artists we will FIND. We’ve even got MASTER FINDS to inspire us and show us what can happen when you never stop dreaming. In the meantime, continue to eat art, sleep art, breathe art, and (if you’re super gnarly) Make Art!!! Whatever you need to do to keep your creativity flowin, do it, and send us your best samples. We hope you’re truly inspired by what you’ve just found… FIND