FIND Art Dept.

Here in the FIND Art Dept. we are a full service art studio. We specialize in everything from print and web design, branding, custom artwork, illustration, mural art, photography and more. We love nothing more than a creative challenge. Our collaborative design process encourages new ways of thinking, always asking how to push the brief further. The outcome? Smarter creative.

Working across a broad range of sectors, we have demonstrated experience in corporate, retail, gallery, fashion, community, and restaurant industries. Our approach is strategically driven with one clear objective in mind – to draw customers closer. The best creative results come from scratching far beyond the surface of a meeting. With research and understanding forming the basis of our process, we’re always prepared to begin with questions, proactively seeking ways to strengthen the connection between your brand and your audience.

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CLIENT: Miracle Mile Art Walk, Los Angeles

PROJECT: Design and layout a magazine style gallery guide with map for the LA annual artwalk, 2012.



CLIENT: Chronic Tacos

ASSIGNMENT: Creative Department. Created all brand, slogans, campaigns, menus, graphics, murals and more. We took a small taco shop and grew it into a franchise with over 47 locations in 6 years.